Dog Bite Claims

Dog bites in the Province of Ontario are governed by the Dog Owners’ Liability Act (DOLA).Pursuant to DOLA, owners of biting dogs will automatically be liable for damages when dog bite incidents occurs.

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Dog bites are typically covered by dog owner’s home insurance policy, and dog owner’s generally notify their insurance company when a dog bite claim is made.

Like any other injury claim, it is important to take detailed photos of your injuries. Get the name of the dog owner’s name and contact information (including address and phone number) and any witness information.

It is mandatory that after suffering a bite that you visit the closest Emergency hospital to avoid further health complications. We also recommend contacting police or Animal Control to report the details of the incident.

Dog bite victims are not required to prove that the owner of the biting dog was negligent, but you would need to establish that:

The dog was owned by the Defendant
That you were bitten or attacked by the dog
Damages in dog bite claims are assessed by the severity of the injuries and the impact of those injuries on a victim’s day to day life, medical or rehabilitation expenses and any time off from work.

If the courts find that the victim of the dog bite was contributory negligent meaning that they provoked, kicked or teased a dog prior to the attack, any damages awarded will be reduced by the degree of the contributing negligence.

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