Burn Injuries

In burn injury cases, the victim may experience emotional trauma, psychological trauma, and physical trauma to the body. Often, in a burn injury case, the accident occurs through the negligence of another individual. Some actions that result in such negligence includes, but is not limited to, having defective products, fires started within buildings, car accidents, appliance manufacturing issues, or it may be as a result of anger and vengeance from another individual. Some of the different burns encountered may be electrical or chemical burns.

Being involved in a burn injury means having a high quantity of treatments that the victim must endure for years to come. Depending on the severity of the burn, the victim may also have disfigurements in their physical appearance, which could lead to permanent pain and suffering. Whether the victim has suffered from first-degree burns, those of the first layer of the skin, or fourth degree burns, those that consequently damage the muscles and tendons, there is a tort claim in place for the victim.

In such circumstances, a catastrophic impairment such as a burn may allow you entitlement to medical and rehabilitation benefits that go above and beyond the typical accident benefits that one may be entitled to.

Depending on how the victim is involved in a burn injury, if under any circumstance the victim’s lawsuit is against the municipality of Toronto, there must be a written notice that is submitted within 10 days.

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