Why is Azimi Law Your Best Option Regarding a Personal Injury Claim?

Four qualities of a top injury lawyer

Whether you are injured in a vehicular accident, work accident, slip and fall, occupier’s liability, dog bite or another tort case, it is essential to hire an attorney who will give you superb representation with all parties and before the court or tribunal. He or she will be charged with an important aspect of your life – getting you compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills and lost wages suffered. The process of selecting a lawyer can seem daunting. Below, we explore four qualities of a top injury lawyer and why Azimi Law is highly qualified to take on your case.

Professionalism is a major component of an elite injury lawyer. Ben Azimi handles all cases with care and affection, as he is passionate about seeking the best outcome for his clients. This inspires confidence in his clients that he is not only seeking a resolution but the highest amount of compensation. As well he is frank and sincere. He never overstates the likelihood or amount of settlement and informs his clients of all aspects of their case, both good and bad. This helps alleviate client stress as they rest assured that they are fully cognizant of the direction of their case.

A good injury lawyer has the necessary knowledge and experience to handle your case. Since personal injury law is constantly changing, up-to-date knowledge and skills is essential. Ben Azimi is well-versed in tort law, has superb research skills, and knows how insurance companies and medical professionals work – all of which help the firm to work towards fair settlements for those they represent. And in terms of experience, Ben Azimi has accumulated almost a decade of experience as a lawyer; a large percentage of the firm’s files are personal injury cases.

Communication is another key skill of an effective injury lawyer. Particularly in the field of tort law, which tends to be complex, it is vital that your lawyer be able to clearly explain to you your rights and obligations and to take the time to outline to you all of the steps involved; and given that tort cases tend to take months if not years to resolve, it is also crucial that a lawyer keep you regularly updated about how your case is proceeding. Azimi Law has a strong staff who are readily available – via telephone, email, text and in person – to answer clients’ important questions.

Whether the prospective injury lawyer has a successful track record, in terms of both negotiating towards settlements and fighting for verdicts, is also a factor to consider. It is a strong indication that he or she has a sound appreciation of the substantive law and rules of evidence and procedure to be able to present a persuasive case on your behalf. Azimi Law has a history of achieving good results both at the negotiating table and from the courtroom, as indicated in favourable reviews listed on our Google page and website.

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