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Client Focused

We get results! Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible service for your needs. We have experience in personal injury cases and strive for success in each case. Not only do we strive for success, we also support and lead our clients in the direction of their best interest. This begins the moment you walk through the door for an initial interview. It’s important that injured victims feel no obligation or pressure to retain our services, so our initial interview meeting is free of charge. Our team understands that each victim is different and has been affected in multiple different ways, so we are trained to meet your needs. It is important to know that all consultation meetings are confidential. Along the way, our team is always focused on your matter. We are responsive, dedicated, and passionate about our job. To try to make the process easier for you, we reach out to you at every given opportunity in order to stay up to date on your treatment attendance. If you are in pain and require clinical assistance but are having a difficult time finding a clinic to attend, our staff can provide you with a number of different options in your surrounding area to seek treatment. Our main focus is you. Our mission is to help you. Our results will be of your satisfaction.

Best and Right Experts

With our legal services, we are knowledgeable in retaining the most experienced experts in every field. These experts will be paid out of our own pockets, so you don’t have to worry about it! Once a settlement has been reached, the expert fees will be taken out of the settlement amount. Through years of experience, we are familiar with different experts within a diverse sea of fields.

Through many years of experience, we know how to deal with multiple insurance companies. In the insurance industry, injured victims are small fish in the sea. With this being said, insurance companies may manipulate or take advantage of an injured victim by not providing them with the deserved monetary value the injured victim may be eligible for. Additionally, your insurance company may not bring to your attention all the entitlement and benefits that you are eligible for, and that is why we communicate with insurers on your behalf. Our team has experience with these insurance companies and we will not allow you to settle for less than what your case is worth. We fight to negotiate on your behalf and provide as much evidence and resources to your insurance company in order to ensure that you are able to recover physically and psychologically from any injuries. We fight limitations in your policy for medical and rehabilitation treatments, income replacement benefits, attendant care benefits, or non-earner benefits to make sure the injured victim gets the medical assistance and financial support they need for recovery. We provide injured victims with extensive research to build and support their claim.

No Win, No Legal Fees

With the understanding that personal injury may require a victim to stop employment, our firm guarantees that without a win, there is no fee! We operate our firm on contingency agreements, allowing the victim of a personal injury to focus on recovering rather than making payments to obtain a lawyer. Additionally, the injured victims have the benefit of retaining legal advice and counsel without having the financial means to pay a retainer to hire a lawyer or pay for their own legal costs. This allows us to charge a percentage of the total amount of monetary settlement or judgment of the court that we recover. By doing so, all medical records, medical and field experts, court fees, and more are paid out of pocket by us, and will be reimbursed only when a settlement or court judgment has been reached.

Free No Obligation Consultation

Before starting your claim, we want to meet you. This initial meeting will allow us to introduce our team to you and will also allow us to know you better. We want to hear your story, your concerns, and the impact that your personal claim has had on you. We want to ensure we are the right legal team for you by analyzing your claim and confirming that our experience will be of your benefit. The consultation allows for our team to gather all necessary information and documentation we may need to proceed with a claim. This will also give the client an opportunity to ask any questions regarding the case, clarify any specifics that may come to mind, and to make sure we are the right team for you. Our team understands that when deciding to go through any legal process, it is not only time consuming, but many expenses along the way are incurred. That is why we want to help you in every way possible by taking away the additional stress of going for a consultation. Our free no obligation consultation is another means of expressing to you that we want you to focus on your recovery.

Thorough Investigations

More often, injured victims spend money to reach trial in order to get the judgment order they may think they are entitled to. However, with our team, we constantly fight for what’s in your best interest. This means fighting to reach settlement without having to go to trial. We will never drag your case to trial and continue billing you if we believe you are receiving the settlement amount that is most suitable for your case. With this being said, we will always provide the best representation by advising you, but we will allow the injured victim to make his or her own personal decision regarding the case. Our team will conduct thorough investigations from every angle of your case. We thoroughly investigate all medical documents and notes, any diagnostic imaging, and the details surrounding the scene of the accident. We conduct thorough searches on the other party involved in your claim, request surveillance footage if applicable, and guide you in finding the best experts in the fields for your specific situation. We gather as much information and evidence as possible so we are always one step ahead for you.

Multi-Language Firm

We are a multilingual firm. We are able to provide representation that other firms cannot by providing services in English, Persian, Arabic, Assyrian, and Serbian for the communities. Our team is fluent and will communicate in your preferred language out of the five spoken. This allows you to receive the best possible representation, as there will not be a communication barrier. Additionally, this will save clients a significant amount of money by not having to hire a translator. We try to make it as easy for you by taking on all the work.

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