What makes the best personal injury lawyer in Toronto? Knowing how insurance companies think!

Why a lawyer’s understanding of insurance companies can make a difference

Through its understanding of how Toronto insurance companies operate, Azimi Law advocates for the best possible resolution of its clients’ personal injury claims.

If you are hurt in an accident, it is likely that you will have to deal with an insurance company. Once you file a claim with an insurance company, an insurance adjuster (i.e., an employee of the insurance company) will be assigned to your file. It is important to realize that the insurance adjuster works for the insurance company – not you. Their job is to investigate what occurred and to determine whether an offer to settle should be made and in what amount. On the one hand, the adjuster is motivated to make the lowest offer possible in order to minimize payouts and maximize the company’s profits. On the other hand, they prefer to settle with the claimant instead of losing a big court case. Therefore, the more the adjuster concludes that the claim has a high value, and the more the adjuster concludes the claimant would have a strong legal case, the more likely it is that they will make a larger settlement offer.

In determining the value of the claim, the insurance adjuster looks at the same factors a court would, including special damages (i.e., expenses that have occurred or will occur); general damages (i.e., pain and suffering); and loss of income. The adjuster also factors in its assessment of the strength of the claimant’s legal position.

Azimi Law can evaluate the value of your claim, assist you in assembling documents to confirm your claim’s value, and use its experience and skills to advocate for you; and in so doing, can invigorate favourable settlement discussions.

Insurance companies are also known for a number of tactics that they use in furtherance of their objective of fighting your claim and avoiding paying money; particularly, in the direct communications by the adjuster to the claimant. First, the insurance company may attempt to document and characterize the facts in such a way that portrays you as having caused the accident or injury; if this is done, then you may not have a cause of action since causation is a key element. Further, the insurance company may encourage an urgent settlement for an amount that is lower than your case merits, before you have an opportunity to meet with a lawyer to discuss the value of your claim. Moreover, the insurance company may ask you to sign a broader than necessary release to them of your medical records, and if you have a prior injury or pre-existing condition, they may utilize this information to argue that this and not the accident is responsible for your current medical condition.

By hiring Azimi Law to handle your personal injury claim, we will communicate with the insurance company and will recognize and avoid the tactics described above.

In summary, we at Azimi Law frequently handle personal injury cases and help people who have been injured in the Toronto and GTA obtain favourable outcomes by applying our knowledge of the workings of insurance companies.

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