Welcome to Azimi Law

Welcome to Azimi Law

If you have been injured in an accident, you are not legally required to hire a personal injury lawyer but there are many advantages in doing so. Even if you don’t know whether you would like to be legally represented, an initial consultation with Ben Azimi, where he will advise you of the value of your claim, your options and the ways to proceed, is free and there is no obligation. Beyond the consultation, he does not ask for upfront fees but works on a contingency basis whereby he would not get paid unless you do. He will use his knowledge and experience to protect your legal rights and pursue maximal compensation. You will have reduced stress as he will deal with the insurance company on your behalf – negotiating, litigating and managing all communications with them. The rules of personal injury law and especially accident benefits law has grown in complexity over the years; Ben offers his familiarity with and experience of the rules. There are many deadlines in this area of law such that, if you miss it, your claim might be defeated (for instance, the general rule that you must file a tort claim within two years of the accident). Ben will make sure you are rule-compliant with these limitation periods to ensure that your claim is able to go forward. He brings to the table his understanding of and experience in all forms of litigation, including going to trial. Your chance of the highest possible settlement or award is increased with being legally represented, since insurance companies will take the claim more seriously. In addition to the above, Ben offers hospital and home visits and arranges transportation for clients to visit his firm. He will completely advise you of your rights, and confidently and professionally advocate on your behalf.

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