Stress Awareness

Did you know that April is the month for stress awareness? We all face stress or have faced stress at some point in our lives. In a study conducted in 2014, statistics Canada revealed that 23% of Canadians, which translates to approximately 6.7 million people, report stress. These statistics were based on Canadians that are aged 15 years or older. Being residents of Ontario, the study showed that Ontario was held in the higher stress categories.

Although stress varies, facing constant stress has a significant impact on high blood pressure to heart disease. We all have different mechanisms when it comes to dealing with stress. Some of us may turn to unhealthy eating habits, while others may use substances to cope with the stress in their life. Regardless of how you cope with stress, it causes psychological and possibly even physical disturbance in our life.

In most circumstances, when involved in a car accident, there is an increase in stress right off the bat. A victim of a car accident may not only be stressed about their insurance policy and inconvenience following an accident. If someone is injured as a result of an accident, stress may be one of the main impairments that the individual may psychologically suffer. In situations as such, stress may no longer be a “natural” part of life, and may consequently alter an individual’s perspective on life.

Remember if you are feeling stressed, try to move around by going for a walk or simply spend some time with those who bring comfort into your life.