Searching for an Accident Attorney Near You?

Key benefits of a local lawyer

If you have been injured at work or in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, there are a number of reasons why you should consider hiring a local lawyer to take on your legal claim.

In a local community, reputation is everything. Local lawyers exert a large amount of effort to cultivate their reputation in the community by not only serving clients but through volunteerism and professional activities. Since a local lawyer has a vested interest in maintaining their positive reputation, they are especially motivated to provide excellent legal representation to clients.

Another reason in favor of local lawyers, connected to reputation, is that insurance companies’ legal departments determine their ongoing strategy by taking into account the particular personal injury lawyer. A local lawyer can be beneficial if he or she is known for being willing to take a claim to trial. Then, the insurance company will be more likely to bid a fairer offer to settle.

An advantage of having a local lawyer is that there is greater accessibility for them to be able to meet with you, advise you of your options, help you build your case and answer any inquiries you may have from time to time. This means that there is more convenience for you and less stress. It can be calming to know that a trip to a meeting with your lawyer is a few minutes, not hours.

A local lawyer also brings to the table an existing familiarity with other local lawyers and judges. Their knowledge of how particular defense lawyers operate comes in handy in strategizing around what tactics they employ as well as with regards to what tactics work with them and which don’t. Further, some arguments may be more persuasive with some judges than with others and some judges may prefer particular types of arguments; a local lawyer is more aware of these nuances.

Each judicial region in Ontario has its own specific rules of practice (for example, rules about how to schedule court dates). These sets of local rules can vary quite widely from one community to another. A local lawyer is more likely acquainted with these, whereas an out-of-area lawyer may have to conduct extra research in this area. As well, by unintentionally violating a local rule, an out-of-area lawyer might make a bad impression on a judge, getting a case off to a bad start.

In addition, each particular court facility in Ontario is different in configuration and local practices. Local lawyers who frequent the local court are more conversant with the court staff, court rooms, services and parking, and so can handle your case in a more streamlined manner and help prepare you for your court dates down to the smallest detail.

Another asset that comes alongside hiring a local lawyer is their knowledge of local matters (encompassing local matters, municipal governments and lawyers) which may come in handy. Likewise, if you have collateral legal issues such as the need for a lawyer to handle a real-estate transaction, a local lawyer can refer you to a trusted professional to handle your other legal needs.

With our office located in North York, also known as Toronto’s “Second Downtown”,  we also serve the many surrounding neighborhoods and municipalities. As a local firm, the above-mentioned points are some of the ways we deliver top-quality service to clients.

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