Personal Injury Law Matters (Time and Money)

Personal Injury Law Matters (Time and Money)

If you are considering hiring a personal injury lawyer, two factors that you are likely considering are: time and money.

Depending on the nature of your injuries and the complexity of your situation, your case may take several years. That is why Azimi Law builds ongoing relationships with its clients, providing them information, knowledge and support. The process of making a claim is stressful and requires time and effort. Ben will help by completing and submitting documents; gathering and submitting evidence; and using his legal skills (e.g. negotiation, legal advocacy) to help you get a fair outcome. The insurance company is likely to offer you a settlement proposal for an amount that is less than your claim is worth. Ben will assist by determining this figure and making sure that you do not settle for less. Even if the facts and law are on your side, if you are self-represented, the insurance company might use your unfamiliarity with the law against you and try invalid reasons to continue to deny or defend your claim. Ben is aware of these tactics and will not let them get in the way of securing for you a fair result.

You might think that hiring a lawyer might cost you a lot of money. In many cases, a lawyer or law firm will require a deposit of money called the “retainer payment” before agreeing to proceed to provide legal services. For personal injury matters, Azimi Law uses a different approach called contingency fee. A contingency fee is a fee for legal services that is payable only if there is a favorable result. Contingency fees offer two major benefits. First, it allows people who are not in a position to pay a retainer payment to still be able to pursue their claim.  Second, it means that if you do not succeed in obtaining a settlement or trial award then you are not responsible for paying your lawyer’s legal fees.

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