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    • Deciding Disclosure Requests where Objection based on Privacy raised

      A Balancing of Evidential Value and Potential Prejudice In Mohamud v. Juskey,[1] released August 2023, the court set forth a new legal framework for disclosure requests in the civil context where a party objects on privacy grounds. The plaintiff sued the defendant for a MVA wherein he crossed into her lane and caused her to

      November 8, 2023
    • The Tort of Family Violence – Update

      Existing Torts Provide Adequate Remedies, New Tort Unnecessary, Court Finds The appeal judgment of a trial decision that created a new tort called family violence[1] was released. Firstly, ML Benotto JA determined that the trial judge (TJ) erred in creating a new tort of family violence. Recognizing that intimate partner violence is a pervasive social

      November 8, 2023


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