More Than Just Vehicle Collisions

With advanced technology, more gadgets come out and catch our attention. For instance, in the 1900s, people did not have smart phones, a GPS, or Bluetooth built into their vehicle.

In a Safe Driving Study conducted by Allstate Insurance, 93 cities in Ontario were rated from safest to the most accident filled. In this ranking, some of the less safe driving cities include Etobicoke, which ranked 69 on the list; Richmond Hill ranked 73; Mississauga ranked 74; Thornhill was less safe and ranked 79; Woodbridge came in close behind at 80. Ranked as even less safe for driving comes Toronto, ranking at 84, followed by Brampton ranking at 88. Coming in at one of the least safe driving cities in Ontario is Scarborough with a ranking of 90 and North York ranked 91. Each and every city mentioned above has become less safe for driving since the last study conducted in 2015. There has been an increase of roughly 6.54% to 7.67% accidents that have occurred.

Being in highly populated cities in the greater Toronto area will evidently lead to much higher accident rates and hold less safety for drivers on the road. However, when we think of accidents, we typically gage our attention to vehicles colliding.

Something we should all bear in mind is that coming from big cities that fall behind in the safety ranking of driving means that accidents are beyond vehicles colliding. In Toronto Police’s fatal traffic collision report (year to date) there have been 5 fatalities from January 4, 2020 to February 23, 2020. These fatalities were actually pedestrians that got hit by a vehicle in the greater Toronto area.

As drivers, it is obvious to always be cautious when on the road. However, as a pedestrian we may not often have the same caution. This is a friendly reminder to all- whether you are a driver or a pedestrian, always be aware of your surrounds!

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