Liability in Parking Lots

Although vehicle collisions inside of a parking lot are uncommon in comparison to those on public roads, they do occur from time to time. The question most of us wonder about is who is liable in a parking lot collision.

Well, the most common answer you may here is that liability falls 50/50 between both drivers. While most commonly parking lot collisions hold equal liability, this sometimes changes with certain circumstances. With this being said, liability changes if one of the vehicles is parked legally and another vehicle happens to hit it. Under the circumstance that one vehicle is parked legally, the vehicle that hits it will be held liable for any of the damages.

Parking lot collisions don’t end between just two vehicles. Being in the greater Toronto area, it is not uncommon for a collision in a parking lot to happen between a pedestrian rather a second vehicle. Under such circumstance, the liability will fall on the driver of the vehicle. With pedestrian and car collisions, there is further liability for any injuries that are sustained by the pedestrian.

To avoid parking lot collisions, always make sure to obey the signs of the road. If the parking lot does not have any stop signs or other indicators, ensure to always slow down and check your surroundings before proceeding with caution.

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