Insurance Companies Not Taking Your Claim Seriously?

Insurance companies not taking your claim seriously?

Were you involved in a MVA or rear-ended? If you have dealt with the insurance company, you have probably noticed that their adjusters or representatives seem very friendly and supportive. Some people trust the insurance company to help them prove their claim and that the company is going to look after their best interests. This is not true. Insurance companies are motivated by profit. They take money from premiums and invest it (e.g. in the stock market) and maximize profit by delaying and denying payment of claims, even legitimate ones.

If your claim was denied by the insurance company, it can be very disconcerting. Insurance companies provide many different reasons for partially or completely denying a claim. Some are valid; for instance, if you contributed to the accident, or if it was someone who was excluded from your policy who was driving the vehicle, or if your policy is invalid for some reason (e.g. because you failed to pay the premium). Other reasons for denial are invalid; for example, if at the scene of the accident you told the police that you did not sustain any injuries (this is not a valid reason because many injuries/illnesses do not manifest for some time).

It is also important to be aware of tactics that insurance company employees use to deny legitimate claims. One tactic is to call you on the day of the accident, when you might not be aware of the extent of your injuries and are feeling overwhelmed, to settle your case on a final basis, often for undervalue. Another tactic is to discourage you from seeking legal representation, telling you it is expensive. Don’t believe it. Most personal injury lawyers take matters on a contingency basis (meaning they don’t get paid unless you do) and accident victims who are represented are more likely to secure a higher award, well over enough to pay their legal fees, than those who are not.

Insurance companies will be motivated to resolve your case for a fair sum if you are legally represented. If the insurance company has denied your claim, don’t be discouraged in commencing a claim or continuing it. Contact Azimi Law for a case review. We are on your side.