Injured as a result of a fall on Municipal Property? 5 Things to Do Now

In Ontario, businesses, stores and private property owners must ensure the reasonable safety of individuals who enter their premises. Likewise, Municipalities are also required to ensure that public areas and areas considered municipal property or public walkways are kept reasonably safe and well-maintained.

Common slip, trip, or fall accidents occur because of uneven sidewalks, unplowed sidewalks, wet surfaces, icy pavement, slippery stairs, deteriorated surfaces, poor lighting, and other dangerous conditions or hidden hazards.

Injured as a result of a fall on Municipal Property? 5 Things to Do Now:

1. Seek immediate medical attention

2. Act Fast, contact a personal injury lawyer today to help determine whether you fell on Municipal Property or Private Property

3. Contact the claims office of the City where you tripped, slipped, or fell to give notice of your claim within 10 days. Failure to give notice without reasonable excuse may have your claim dismissed

4. Be sure to photograph the location of your fall, your injuries, and damage to your property.

5. Make personal notes detailing how the fall happened and what exactly caused you to fall.

6. Identify witnesses.


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