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Injuries and ailments are not easy to deal with and we understand that at any sudden moment, a victim’s life could change completely. This happens in many other ways other than personal injuries that arise.

At Azimi Law, we want to make sure that families in our community are comforted and supported through difficult times. We want to ensure that during any type of accidents, if someone you love is having a cardiac arrest, that they are given an increase of chance of survival by up to 75%. You might be wondering how this is possible; how can a law firm assist in the increase of survival of those you love and know. The answer is simple. During a cardiac arrest, an external defibrillator is used only 3% of the time in the chain of survival. With our annual donation, we are able to contribute to the spread of defibrillators throughout the community. That’s why we are in full support of Toronto Paramedic Services.

Here at Azimi Law, we believe in supporting our injured victims that come through our door, but we also believe in supporting community members who suffer from life altering health conditions. Canadian Cancer Society is a non-profit organization solely based on volunteers enriching the quality of life for individuals with such disease. We believe in helping those who help others!

Our firm has a passion for helping others in need; that’s why we chose our career path to help individuals like you get the best possible outcomes after facing a major turn in your life. Just as you may have experienced a life-altering experience, many other individuals within the Toronto region face life-altering experiences daily that go beyond physical limitations. Many individuals in our community cannot provide food, clothing, sleeping necessities, and many more items for themselves or their families. Additionally, many families require assistance with their newborn child; others may be exiting the sex trade; and some may be finding their way through recovery of alcohol and drugs. Azimi Law recognizes this community hardship and has taken the initiative to help those that need a helping hand. For these reasons, Azimi Law has chosen to help Haven on the Queensway, an organization that assists the community in diverse ways.

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