How You Got A Low Personal Injury Settlement

Are you a victim of personal injury but received a low settlement? You may have suffered a catastrophic loss or suffered a loss that deemed you incapable of continuing on with a normal life. However, your settlement achieved may have reflected a minor injury settlement. Well, you may be wondering why your settlement amount does not reflect your injuries sustained. Here are 3 simple reasons why you got a low settlement:

  • No Activity On Your File
  • Lack Of Proof
  • Surveillance

If your lawyer is not proactive with your file and following up with all correspondences, medical reports, and treatments you are receiving, then your file is not building. Your counsel must consistently ensure that everything is being attended to and reviewed in your file.

Lack of proof will be the first thing that your insurer looks at. No claim can be made with insufficient proof; otherwise it turns into a “he said, she said” type of scenario. Your injuries must be reflected through medical notes and records, diagnostic imaging, therapy treatments, prescription summaries, and many other documents. The more proof on your file, the more activity on your file.

Surveillance is an excellent method often used by insurance companies to rely on when offering a low settlement. Surveillance footage will allow your insurer to rely on video evidence to downplay your limitations following the accident. Your insurer will argue that the accident has not impacted your functional or physical ability to live your life or will use the video evidence to minimize the level of impact the accident has had on your activities of daily living.