Car Accidents continue to rise in Canada, Toronto and surrounding Cities

According to the 2017 Allstate Canada Safe Driving Study, majority of the accidents that occur in Canada occur on Fridays or Saturdays, with the majority of the accidents involving rear-end collisions.

Toronto ranked 84th among the cities with the number of the accidents reported with an average of 7.33 % per 100 cars, with Brampton, North York and Ajax ranking worst with averages of 7.61 per 100 cars, 7.67 per 100 cars and 7.77 per 100 cars respectively.

Although these statistics are from one insurance company, they reveal that cities like Kingston, ranked 22 with an average of 4.81 accidents per 100 cars, and Newmarket ranking 39 with 5.44 accidents per 100 cars, and Barrie ranking 71 with 6.60% percent.

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